Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Feb 02

I’ve been riding motorcycles for more than twenty years. My dad first introduced them to me as a teenager, and I bought my first right after finishing college. Since then, my dad and I have been on multiple cross country trips together. We don’t live in the same city anymore, but we love to get together and spend an afternoon riding during the holidays. When you’re on the road so much, you think about the risk of getting into an accident from time to time. I’m fully aware of how dangerous motorcycles can be. Just about every wreck situation is going to leave the motorcyclist with severe injuries. I figure that if I get into a wreck, I likely won’t be an exception. I’m getting older and my body doesn’t hold up like it used to. Because just about every motorcycle wreck results in injuries, I assumed that an accident would be really simple in a courthouse. If my injuries are visible just by looking at me, why wouldn’t a jury rule that I deserve some compensation for them? I just found out about the reality of the situation while I was reading on the Russo, Russo, & Slania website. The attorneys at this firm handle cases specifically for people in motorcycle accidents.

We’ve all seen the motorcyclist on the road that drives as if he’s the most important person in the world. For every safe motorcyclist, there’s one of these annoying ones. They swerve through traffic, speed, and are just generally inconsiderate of everyone else around them. These drivers give the rest of us a bad reputation. This reputation can carry into court. In a jury setting, some members might assume that my injuries are my own fault. That’s simple enough to accept. It just makes it even more important to retain a lawyer if I ever do find myself in that situation.

Lawyers have the ability to explain complicated things in a simple and understandable way. There are technical aspects to driving a motorcycle. There are even more technical aspects to proving fault, and I can’t explain any of that to a jury in a convincing way. Attorneys can speak on what it looks like to drive safely and considerately as a motorcyclist. They can also illustrate how the responsible driver was negligent towards me and how they are truly at fault.

These are crucial things for motorcyclists to think about. The attorneys at Russo, Russo, & Slania, P.C., work with motorcycle crash victims all the time. They know how to get them a fair settlement that covers their expenses. Motorcycle crashes cause injuries that are more intense and expensive than wrecks between two cars. There’s just no way around it. If a motorcycle crashes with a moving vehicle, they’re just about guaranteed to be sent flying into the air. This is going to cause broken bones and lots of blunt force trauma. If they aren’t sent flying, they’re going to be pushed to the ground, moving at a very high speed. This is going to result in some nasty road burns, even with protective clothing on.

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